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This item is only available if you purchase printed envelopes. The quantity must match the number of addresses supplied.

No minimum order

  • We will mail merge and print your return address & "ship to" addresses onto the envelopes
    • We can also print your pre-sort standard postage paid permit information onto the envelopes
    • You can include a logo or image with your return address
  • Orders will be shipped to you to be sent out, we do not direct ship with this service
    • If you choose the Print/Insert & Seal option when you purchase your envelopes they will be ready for you to send when you receive them.

Contact us before placing your order if you have any concerns or special requests. 


Mailing List Management

  • We will need a mailing list from you, and also the information you would like on your return address. If you would like a logo or image you can include that also. You can upload them here or email us at  Once you have completed your order we will respond with any questions that we may have. 

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